Unlimited Options for Your Specific Needs

The first impression matters a lot. When it comes to paper packaging, it is the color, shape, type, printing, and material that makes your item stand or fall. You need a creative design team to assist you in transforming your idea into practice. We have experienced packaging designers standing to help with your brand’s success.

Our custom paper packaging is manufactured in dimensions, colors, and shapes that are unique to your brand. This makes your brand stand out from other competitors. Custom paper packaging also tends to be a more effective packaging solution as every design detail is product-specific.

  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Printing
  • Handles
  • Accessories
  • Packing

How to Work with Us?

1. Start with a conversation.

The first step in every great relationship is getting to know one another, so let’s start things out right!  Whether it is just a sketch or a sample of another paper packaging, you can share your ideas with our design team. We will be working patiently with you to comprehend your exact requirements.

Our design team will further investigate your requirements and not only generate ideas that suit your original brief but will also take into consideration a feasible price.

2. Design and review.

In the next step, our design team will communicate with you in order to flesh out your ideas into a feasible concept. Whether you have your own artwork or need our assistance in creating one, our friendly staff is here to help you with the artwork process. We will provide a series of initial concepts which you can choose from and revise in order to represent your ideal final product.

Once the artwork is finalized, then we process a digital proof and offset proof.

3. Approval for production.

We’ll send you a proof of concept that you can review to see if there are no further revisions to the design and to check whether the costs fit your budget. With your approval, we can begin production as soon as possible. If we haven’t already at this point, we can begin talking about shipment.

We will be delighted to work with you in close partnership!