One of the biggest changes in today’s food industry is the increased demand for online orders. This is a good opportunity for restaurants and cafes to widen their reach and accessibility. However, it also presents challenges, especially in ensuring that the customers receive their meals in good condition. This means that companies need to put more consideration into their food packaging.

The packaging should keep the food fresh and safe from contamination while it is out for delivery. There are various containers that maintain the quality of the food for a long time. One of these is foil packaging.

Aluminum foil is ideal for food packaging as it is temperature-resistant and generally non-reactive, except for substances with high acidity and alkalinity. It is also non-absorbent, so it does not deform when exposed to oil, water, grease, and other liquids.

Here are other benefits to using aluminum foil packaging for food products.

Tasteless and Odorless

One of the big disadvantages of other packaging materials is that their odor affects the quality of the food they hold. This is why paper bag with foil inside or any aluminum foil packaging is popular because it is tasteless and odorless. Therefore, it also does not pass on detectable taste or odor to the goods. It keeps the food quality the same as if it is freshly out of the chef’s kitchen.

UV and Moisture Resistant

UV rays and moisture are two agents that affect a food’s texture, freshness, and taste. But storing them in aluminum foil packaging protects them from these factors while in transit, as it is resistant to UV and moisture. It provides a protective barrier around the food goods, ensuring that they remain as fresh as possible.


Aluminum foil is sterile, so it acts as a film that prevents bacteria and other contaminants from affecting the quality and taste of the food. This also means that the food can last longer, even when there are leftovers because it does not harbor or support the growth of bacteria.

Maintain’s the Food’s Temperature

Because aluminum is a poor insulator, packing the food in foil containers can keep it hot or cold for a longer period. It works as a barrier to oxygen and air, preventing heat inside the package from transferring. It assists in keeping the temperature of the food, whether it is warm or cold.

Moreover, it is also a good conductor of heat, so foil packaging allows easy reheating of any leftovers. It can withstand high temperatures, so customers can simply put the tray in the oven or microwave. There is no need to transfer the food to another container.

Bagitan Packaging – Producer of Eco-Friendly Takeaway Food Packaging

Proper packaging is essential, especially for on-the-go meals. You’ll want a takeaway food packaging that’s sturdy, hygienic, and easy to recycle. Producers like Bagitan Packaging understand these business needs, so they offer an array of materials for food packaging with customization capabilities.

Bagitan Packaging manufactures professional paper bags, food packaging, and foil packaging for wholesale, retail, and redistribution. Our customizable packaging is durable, hygienic, and suitable for any type of product. It is sourced from 100% recyclable materials, making it suitable for brands that endeavor to deliver sustainable packaging to their customers.

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