Kraft paper bags and other forms of renewable packaging have become increasingly popular over the years due to the recent push towards environmentalism in different industries. People in the present are far more concerned about the environment than they have been for decades, with the long-term effects of global warming and climate change becoming more evident with the increase in global temperature and the strength of natural disasters that have occurred as of late. Though it could be argued that the use of non-renewable packaging is not solely responsible for this issue, it does undoubtedly contribute to a significant degree. How exactly does brown paper bags fill this demand for eco-friendly packaging? Let’s find out.

Paper Bags Are Biodegradable

Unsurprisingly, paper bags are made out of paper, which means they are made of organic material that decomposes over time. Unlike plastic, which could spend literal centuries in a landfill, paper bags only need a few weeks to a month or two depending on environmental conditions. Types of bag handles are often made with biodegradable material as well such as twist paper or rope. Some people even put used paper bags in compost for use in gardening. For these reasons, it is safe to suggest that businesses using bulk paper bags have much smaller carbon footprints than those that use plastic bags and therefore contribute less to environmental concerns. 

Paper bags not only help the environment, it can also help market your business. For example, baguette bread paper bags with transparent windows are a great marketing tool for bakeries. The bag entices the customers to try the bread, and at the same time it can help you promote your business.

Paper Bags Are Recyclable


Despite being designed to break down easily when disposed of, paper bags are remarkably durable. As long as they haven’t been thoroughly exposed to water e.g. raindrops or spills, paper bags can be stored and used again to store other items. Custom paper bags with high paper density can last for months without noticeable degradation. Aside from packaging, they can also be recycled into materials for arts and crafts, paper lunch bags, as well as book covers. There is a large audience of people on the internet showing different ways in which they recycled their paper bags and we highly encourage giving them a watch!

Do your research about the pros and cons of plastic bags vs. paper bags before you make a decision.

Paper Bags Are Ethically Produced

The main ingredient for the production of paper bags is wood. Through the kraft process, wood chips are chemically synthesized into pulp, which is eventually pressed into a thin sheet of paper using a machine. A single tree can produce thousands of paper bags with minimal negative externalities. Additionally, some paper bag manufacturers like Bagitan Packaging that produce a variety of packaging from takeaway bags, shopping bags to air sickness paper bags have also adapted sustainable forestry in harvesting the wood they use for producing paper bags, further reducing their impact on the environment. If you are ordering wholesale paper bags straight from the manufacturer, make sure they also follow these eco-friendly policies.

Paper Bags Are Safe for Aquatic Creatures

Single-use plastics are notorious for suffocating fish and polluting coral reefs when they end up in the ocean. They can also be devoured by creatures that mistake them for ocean flora, or accidentally ingest them while feeding such as whales. It is no surprise why there are strict protocols in place in different countries about dumping garbage in the ocean. Thankfully, small paper bags are easily destroyed when submerged in water, so there is very little threat of them causing significant damage to aquatic ecosystems if they somehow end up in the ocean or freshwater bodies. This does not mean you should dump your paper bags in the ocean, however, so please refrain from doing so.

Paper Bags Are Good for Branding

colorful paper bags

If you are running a business that sells products in small quantities, switching to paper shopping bags is an effective way to send a message to your customers that you care for the environment, and are taking steps to ensure your business operates under eco-friendly policies. Paper bags are also highly customizable, so you can help your brand stand out and become easily recognizable through the packaging. Baking shops, for example, benefit from paper bags with windows because it allows customers to see their products through the bag.


Whether it is for a business or for personal use, a paper bag can provide great benefits in terms of environmental conservation. The best part is that they’re not a downgrade from their contemporaries either. Paper bags are just as good, if not better than other means of packaging in different departments. 

To get the most out of your packaging needs, you can team up with the largest paper bag manufacturer in China by reaching out to Bagitan Packaging today!

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