Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers recognize the unique qualities and image of a particular product or service. When faced with product options, customers will pick the brand they are most familiar with. It also encourages repeat orders that ultimately increase sales and market share.

There are different ways a business like a restaurant can enhance its brand recognition. One practical yet very effective strategy is to label common objects and use them as promotional materials.

Here are the top 5 ideas on boosting your restaurant’s awareness through printed packaging or unique packaging.

Branded Dining Napkins

A dining napkin is an essential packaging item when selling food or drinks. Because customers will certainly use them, branded napkins make an excellent promotional material. It allows businesses to build brand familiarity from something that customers would commonly use. It is subtle, unlike common advertising techniques yet equally effective. Printing on cloth or paper napkins creates an unmissable engaging experience for customers.

Table Cloth

table cloth

Holding and catering for special events is a usual service offering of food and beverage establishments. During the events, restaurants often use plain materials when decorating their setups. This makes them just like any other business with no way to highlight what name they represent.

Using table cloths that feature the brand’s colors, logo, and design is a unique way to turn heads and draw attention to the company. A branded tablecloth also levels up dull tables into getting that professional look. Even with a simple design for a printed tablecloth, as long as it is a good one, it keeps the brand elements visible and positioned to catch attention at tradeshows and outdoor, and special events.

Branded Label and Stickers

An Eye-catching yet budget-friendly solution to put the brand out in the public eye is custom-printed labels and stickers. With this technique, restaurants can continue to use their unique usual packaging and promotional materials and just add labels and stickers to append a brand identification feature on any material.

Custom-printed labels can be attached to anything like invoices and envelopes. Companies can also include promo codes for discounts and QR codes so customers can look up more information about the company, products, and services.

Printed Receipt Paper

receipt paper

For a long time, thermal receipts only act as proof of purchase. But now, restaurants can use them as potential marketing material. Restaurants can include their logo and a custom message, so customers have a way to contact the establishment for future orders and other dealings. You can add these details at the top or bottom of the receipt.

Branded Paper Bags

Using logo-printed paper bags is popular because customers see them as guilt-free packaging, and businesses can employ them as a publicity tool. Because they are easy to carry around, customers can bring them anywhere while displaying the brand especially on rope handled paper bags. With these characteristics, labeled paper bags can act as a walking advertisement for the restaurant. It creates exposure and adds a sustainable image to the business without significant additional costs.

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