Disposable Sugarcane White Round Bowls

Disposable Sugarcane White Round Bowls


The sugarcane white round bowls are made of food-grade materials that are environmentally friendly and highly biodegradable. It is perfect for holding any liquid and other meals, such as soups, pasta, sauces, and more. The product is also made of high-quality, durable, and waterproof materials.

  • 100% Made of recyclable materials
  • High-quality waterproof product
  • Economical and affordable price


Disposable Sugarcane White Round Bowls Full Description:

The product is suitable for any type of food, either with liquids or solids. It is also made of only the best food-grade materials. Very efficient to use, highly disposable, and easy to clean up after your events. You do not have to worry because it is recyclable and compostable.

  • Durable material: The round bowl is made of sturdy and durable material, which is suitable for holding many kinds of dishes. We guarantee that it is also waterproof and does not produce any stans when used. It can also keep both cold and hot contents and cannot easily be torn or cut.
  • Economical: The best alternative to those commonly used plastic and styrofoam bowls. This product is also cost-effective while saving the environment at the same time. These disposable sugarcane white round bowls are made of 100% sugarcane fiber for easy composting and recycling.
  • Best for all occasions: You can use these disposable bowls for any events, such as parties, outdoor activities, camping, picnics, lunches, and the like. It is also suitable for restaurants, fast foods, and other food service establishments.

Shipping and Payment Term:

  • We generally ship goods worldwide by sea. The products will be in a shipping container when arriving at the port. You are responsible for picking up your shipment and customs clearance on your side.
  • We do accept small, urgent orders that need to be shipped by air. If you have a forwarder in China, we can arrange the delivery to their warehouse.
  • We currently accept T/T, Paypal, and Western Union payments.
  • Please contact our sales team to assist you with the best option if you are not sure of your requirements.

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