Kraft Paper Bag with Die-cut Handle


Unlike the normal paper bags, the main distinction of these bags is their die-cut handles in place of the usual twist paper or rope handles. they are lightweight, robust, and easy to handle, great to use for food as take-out bags.

  • Die-cutting handles make the paper bag look special and elegant
  • Made from quality strong kraft paper
  • Perfect to use for both retail ad wholesale stores.



Kraft Paper Bag with Die-cutting Handle Specification

Material Kraft paper
Color Brown
Handle Die-cutting handle
Type Folded
Size Customized size
MOQ 10,000pcs
Packing 250 pcs/carton
Usage Retail, grocery, gift, bookstore

Kraft Paper Bag with Die-cut Handle Description:

  • Highly Versatile: These bags are perfect for a wide range of uses from grocery, pharmacy, designer clothes, food takeout, and other types of consumer goods. The die-cut handles reduce cost while preserving durability and serviceability. Perfect for both retail ad wholesale stores.
  • Custom-made: We offer you a range of customization options for your paper bag wholesale purchase. Improve brand recognition by having your logo flexography printed on each bag or making them more e