No need to state the obvious here. For the majority of the developed and the developing world, the move to phase out plastic bags for good is getting significant traction. Although they may not be banned completely in some areas, there are regulations and charge fees in place that discourage their use. That’s because single-use plastic bags have caused substantial damage to the environment from their production to their disposal. Among the most common uses of these plastic bags are in retail and food packaging, which many of us partake in on a weekly basis. If we are ever going to take global warming and climate change seriously, we need to start taking personal accountability for our carbon footprints. That is why we highly encourage and support the use of paper bags as the alternative eco-friendly packaging material for food products. At the end of this article, we hope to convince you to look up where you can get kraft paper bags wholesale and packaging services.

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Why Switch To Paper?

switch to paper bags

Plastic is not easy to get rid of without producing harmful consequences. Many people living in urban and rural communities are unaware that burning plastics in a trash pile is a big health hazard as it emits harmful gasses and toxic materials into the environment. You don’t need to take it from us, that awful burning plastic smell is your body telling you to stay as far away as possible. Leaving them in landfills so they can be the next generation’s problem looks like the solution – which, to be perfectly honest, doesn’t sit very well with us.

When you buy a bulk of plastic bags for your business, you are also responsible for the bulk of garbage it is inevitably going to turn into after your customer is done using them. Those plastics will either end up in a landfill, slowly poisoning the land, or floating around the sea waiting to choke an innocent sea creature. Meanwhile, with bulk paper bags, you don’t need to worry about this. If you throw them on the ground (although we really don’t advise this), they’ll just decompose naturally over the course of a few months.

The wood that was used to produce them gets eaten up by microorganisms so they can go back to the natural cycle. They also dissolve quickly in water, so there’s little to no threat of them in our aquatic systems. If you are worried about the trees that get cut to produce these bags, then it should be a relief for you to know that even China’s packaging bag manufacturer – that’s us – uses wood from sustainable forestry, and we can vouch that there are plenty of other manufacturers that do too thanks to the market incentives that we get from it.

Common Misconceptions about Paper Bags

1. Paper bags look ugly and cheap

If you’re worried that your food will look unappealing, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to settle with the default wholesale brown paper bags. If you work with a manufacturer like us, we can let you customize your bags at an affordable price. You can equip your paper bags with handles, fancy printing, and surface finish at an affordable price. Large fast-food chains have been doing it since they switched to paper bags as their take-away food packaging.

2. Paper bags aren’t waterproof

Yes, they aren’t. But we want to argue that the property of plastic to be waterproof is overrated. That’s right; In a practical sense, there are plenty of better alternatives to keeping your food dry. Unless you’re carrying your food around in the storm, the benefit of a single-use plastic bag isn’t all too special. There are many types of paper bags that have moisture and water-resistant capabilities that are perfect for food products. Air-sickness bag manufacturers mainly rely on that technology for their products too.

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3. Paper bags tear easily

In most cases, you must not have gotten good-quality ones. Just as there are plastic bags that have defects in them, the paper bag industry isn’t free from bad apples either. That’s why it is important to be inquisitive and critical when searching where to buy kraft paper bags wholesale from. It is incorrect to make the assumption that paper bags are structurally weak because of the material they are made of. A paper bag made with materials that are up to industry standards can carry just the same weight as its plastic counterparts – sometimes heavier.

Be Ahead of the Curve

Thousands of companies big and small around the globe have committed to the United Nations’ commitment to a sustainable future. Since the food service industry is responsible for a large percentage of the total goods that are distributed daily, it is also equally responsible for the amount of waste its products generate.

It is clear that the leaders of the industry are well aware of this, and that is why there is a growing trend of environmentally-friendly alternatives to production as well as eco-labeling. There is no doubt that in the near future, single-use plastic bags will be a thing of the past. By switching to paper bags, you are also making a statement to your customers that the welfare of the Earth and all its environmental support systems is among your top concerns as well.

Bagitan Packaging is among the top manufacturers of paper bags not just in China, but in the entire world. We have a history of working with big names from different industries, and we are renowned for our sustainable and efficient production process. Work with us and we can guarantee word-class end-to-end service that you won’t regret.

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