Paper bags have long been used in various retail industries to hold customer purchases. But they are even more popular now that concerns about environmental sustainability are very prominent. Various state policies have also banned single-use plastics in retail stores to lessen garbage that ends up in landfills.

Some businesses do not really care about their product packaging when it can affect how consumers perceive the brand. Based on a study by WestRock, 81% of consumers are driven to switch brands because their packaging has caught their attention. Additionally, the 2021 Global Buying Green Report revealed that 67% of consumers think that it is important that the items they buy are in recyclable packaging.

Here’s how packaging affects your consumers: How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior? (Infographic)

If you are still deliberating on changing to paper bags for your shopping store or restaurant, here are some reasons why making the decision is advantageous.

Preferred by Many Consumers

The increasing consumer consciousness regarding sustainability has increased customers’ preference for paper packaging. Using paper bags gives consumers satisfaction as they are contributing to a greener environment.

And this is not only true in shoppers. Diners, especially millennials and baby boomers, care more about sustainability in food packaging than they did years before. Studies even reveal that people would be willing to pay more for fast food packed in sustainable material.

Looks Better than Poly Bags

Another advantage of paper bags is that they have an aesthetic appeal. In contrast to poly bags that make a brand look cheap and classless, colorful paper bags give a posh look that works for various styles. For example, paper bags are suitable for both minimalist and extravagant brands.

Additionally, paper bags are easy to design. Shopping stores and restaurants can go creative in crafting how their paper bags should look. They can choose an envelope style, bakery bag, euro tote, or pinch-bottom type of paper bag. Business owners can also make unique layouts for the prints to make the bags more personalized and consistent with the brand identity.


Using paper bags to wrap shopping purchases or food takeouts is also very practical. Many consumers prefer paper bags because they are easy to carry around, even for long hours. They are also very lightweight yet can carry a lot of things inside. Because of their increasing demand, various paper bag manufacturers also offer competitive prices and promotions to retailers. Here are takeaway packaging ideas you can check out: Living with Covid: 5 Packaging Ideas for Takeaway Business

Biodegradable & Sustainable

Compared to plastic bags, paper bags are easier to recycle, and since they are biodegradable, they can also be dumped in the compost pit. Using paper bags reduces the demand for plastics, minimizing plastic pollution and other harmful environmental consequences.

Where to Source Quality Paper Bags for Your Business?

Bagitan Packaging manufactures professional paper bags, food packaging, and foil packaging for wholesale (paper bag with foil inside), retail, and redistribution. Our customizable packaging is sourced from 100% recyclable materials, making it suitable for brands that endeavor to deliver sustainable packaging to their customers. We handle bulk long-term supply and ship all over the world.

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