Manufacturers offer plenty of optional accessories to their customers for their paper bags with clear windows, printed designs, and custom handles, the last being the most frequently used. Paper bags don’t usually function well without handles that make them easier to carry. Otherwise, your customers would constantly have to carry a lumbering paper sack in their arms, which is not at all convenient. As the leading manufacturer of paper bags in China, here in this article, we will introduce the common paper bag handle types for you.

Twisted Paper Handles

Twist Paper Handles

The twisted handle is the most common handle type. Kraft paper bags with twisted paper handles are usually made of thin paper that has been twisted into a string. It is very easy to manufacture them, and they don’t require additional materials so they are rather cheap. They are the perfect choice for grocery bags, gift bags and other bags that will carry lightweight contents. But likewise, their drawback though is that they are not as strong as most other types of handles and usually will not be sufficient to carry anything that weighs more than a couple of pounds.

Die-cut Handle

Die-cut Handles

Kraft paper bags with die-cut handles aren’t really handled in the traditional sense, but rather, carefully cut holes at the top of the bag which you can use as a handle. They are much more easily manufactured and are strong enough to be used in groceries and even hardware. Just note that the overall strength of the handle is dependent on the quality of the paper used in the bags and that it is also harder to carry if there are items that are extending out of the opening. Make sure to pay attention to the thickness of the paper bags you are purchasing before opting for die-cut handles.

Flat Paper Handles

These handles are very similar to twisted paper handles in that they are made of the same material and are used to carry the same contents. Kraft paper bags with flat paper handles are often recycled from other paper products, so this is your pick if you want the most environmentally-friendly option. They could be better or worse than the twisted paper handles when it comes to their maximum weight capacity, particularly because it depends on the paper used for the handle and how it is stuck into the bag.

Rope Handles

Rope Handles Paper bag

You’ll often see wine paper bags with rope handles. The main reason for this is that rope handle bags look stylish and fancy, which is part of the visual appeal of buying high-quality wine. But it’s not exclusive to that product, however. The rope handle is a perfect balance between looking good and being durable. It can hold the most weight out of all the handles mentioned, and similar to how ribbon handles are upgrades of flat paper handles, rope handles are to twist paper. They are usually made of nylon, soft with a glossy finish. Good quality paper and rope handles make bags that are both comfortable to carry and reusable.

Cotton Handles

This type of handle is kindly similar to the rope handles mentioned earlier, but these are made from cotton rather than nylon. The material is obviously much more natural and comfortable for someone’s hand, which can help keep it cool during hot weather and warmer in cold months. 

  • String Handles

String Handles

String handles, also called “knotted” or “twist-tie” handles are made of a single piece of string that is twisted into one closed loop with the excess length folded over the top of the bag and knotted. These handles are difficult to separate, but they are very strong and the large surface area of the handle means that it can be easily grasped in one hand.

  • Ribbon Handles

Ribbon Handles

Ribbon handles speak for themselves. They add a touch of elegance to your paper bags, making them look less industrial and plain. Usually, they are made of silk, nylon, or polyester and are noticeably stronger than the ones previously mentioned. They are direct upgrades from flat paper handles in terms of visual appeal because of their similar form.

Grosgrain Polyester Handle

Grosgrain Polyester Handle

This is the most common handle type and is widely used for medium to heavyweight bags. This type of handle doesn’t expand but has a wide bearing surface, making it suitable as a long-term carry bag and for occasional use. These handles come in various colors – both solid and print – and are not expensive and can be easily seen and handled.

Wrapping It Up

When you’re purchasing your wholesale paper bags, it’s best to put your product’s needs first before starting to cut corners. As useful paper bags as they are, not all businesses need paper bags with handles; surely, manufacturers of air sickness bags won’t need them anytime soon. Their utility comes in the way they present your brand and secure the product the customer purchased. If you provide good end-to-end service from the moment your customer looks at your product on the shelves to when they bring it home with them, then surely they will return for more.

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