The evergreen foodservice industry has undergone an eco-friendly makeover. Non-polluting packaging has a pivotal role to play in reducing wastage while making environmentally sound choices. Let us go through 23 essential packaging items that have revolutionized the food takeaway and catering industry. These products bridge the gap between consumerism and ecological welfare.

1. Paper bags

Paper bags for food delivery

Paper bags, much like mobile phones, have become an indispensable part of our lives. They are the most common packaging item used for takeaway food. Environmentally conscious, durable, and pleasant on the eyes, paper bags are a complete package, one needs. Paper bags provide a unique opportunity for invisible brand marketing through customization.

One can easily get their logos printed on paper bags to maximize brand awareness. The catchy paper bags can be a way to tote purchases from your brand when a customer carries them on the street, paper bags serve as an efficient marketing tool.

2. Paper take-out containers

Paper take-out containers are optimum for semi-dry food. With their unique heat-trapping design, paper take-out containers keep your food warm. Paper take-out containers are thicker than paper bags making them more durable. They eliminate spillage in the case of oily food and curries with their sturdy core.

Paper take-out containers offer brand integration via printing your customized logo on their covers. These paper take-out containers are an elegant, handy and eco-friendly way to generate brand awareness amongst locals.

3. Paper food trays

When we think of paper food trays, the first thing that pops into our heads is a food van. Paper food trays are extensively used by street vendors to carry food for immediate consumption and disposal. Paper food trays are a biodegradable replacement for plastic food trays.

Although these trays lack the lid to cover your food, they have ample space to put your brand logo on the sides. They are available in various shapes and sizes and can be customized to embody your brand aesthetic.

4. Paper soup bowls

Paper soup bowls make your favorite soup accessible and easy to carry with their unique insulated design. They keep soups and curries warm until it reaches your doorstep as a takeout or home delivery.

Paper soup bowls can be bought with covers or without covers. They are a durable, fashion-forward, and handy way to carry piping hot soups easily. These soup bowls are available in all shapes and sizes and can be customized with your brand design.

5. Paper plates

Paper plates are the cornerstone of biodegradable catering. They are heavily used because of their durability and oil absorption. Paper plates are optimum for flat or petite food to avoid spillage. Paper plates are available in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.

One can place their logos anywhere on the paper plate targeting consumer brand awareness every time your customer takes a bite off. They can be customized as per your preferred shape, design, and color. Paper plates are a dynamic marketing solution that is environmentally conscious.

6. Paper hot cups and sleeves

Paper hot cups are heavily insulated to keep your drinks hot while paper sleeves make it easier to carry them without burning your hands. Paper hot cups can be customized as per your requests and ideas.
To increase brand awareness, one can add the brand logo to both the cups and the sleeves. Paper hot cups are durable and biodegradable making them optimum to carry soups and beverages.

7. Take-Out cup carriers

Paper hot cups are great as long as they come with sleeves to protect your hands from getting burnt. However, the paper hot cups can be used efficiently with the help of take-out cup carriers. They improve the handling of paper cups by providing shielding from the beverage’s heat. Take-out cup carriers are trendy and enable you to carry up to 4 to 5 cups on one go.

Take-out cup carriers offer easy transportation of beverages while providing strength to the paper cups. They can be personalized as per your preferred design and style with the brand logo printed or embossed on it.

8. Paper napkins

Paper napkins or tissue paper is used as a great marketing technique by designing your napkins in a manner that helps increase brand awareness. Paper napkins can be used to wrap and carry food and to wipe your hands and face after consumption.

It is biodegradable and disposable making it optimum for one-time usage. Paper napkins are lightweight and come in various thicknesses and textures. Paper napkins are available in varying ply and themes.

9. Beverage takeaway Bags

Beverage takeaway bags unlike take-out cup carriers are a foolproof way to protect your beverage from spillage. The paper takeaway bags come in various sizes and their color, paper texture, and appearance can be personalized to increase your brand visibility.

You can design your beverage takeaway bags by placing your logo anywhere on the bag and the handle. Beverage takeaway bags surround your drinks and help you carry them better when traveling longer distances.

10. Foam take-out containers

Foam take-out containers are the second most heavily used packaging item used as an alternative to paper take-out containers. Foam take-out carriers help in regulating food temperature and maintaining proper hygiene.

The lid protects from germs and dirt and is a great way to carry your food. Foam takeout containers don’t get deformed when exposed to high heat. They provide insulation and keep your food warm. Foam take-out containers are optimum for all sorts of food delivery ranging from dry food to curries and pasta.

Your brand logo can be embossed on it. You can use labels and stickers along with foam takeout containers to generate brand awareness.

11. Pizza boxes and accessories

Let us talk about the packaging of everyone’s favorite food – pizza. Pizza boxes are made of cardboard that is designed to provide maximum insulation. It comes with a tiny stopper to avoid your pizza from getting squished while it is en route. Traditionally pizza boxes have been square-shaped but with pizza companies delivering half a pizza these days, pizza boxes come in all shapes and sizes.

Along with your brand logo, you can design the box in a manner to contain all relevant information including your bestsellers with photos and menu details. Pizza boxes are a necessary packaging item that has a tremendous reach.

12. Straws

Remember the bright colorful bendy straws we used to play with as a kid? The 21st century has come up with a sustainable version of those straws. Straws make consumption convenient and hassle-free eliminating spillage issues.

Over the years straws have undergone major changes. Wooden and paper straws are available in the market. You can easily place your brand’s logo on these wooden and thick paper straws.

13. Thermal paper rolls

Thermal register roll

Thermal paper rolls play an important role in the catering industry, especially during food delivery. Regular paper receipts get deformed or smudged when placed with hot food. Thermal paper receipts can withstand heat and remain intact even when exposed to high heat.

They make the entire food delivery process for you and your customer hassle-free. Thermal paper receipts can be designed to showcase your brand logo.

14. Disposable gloves

When preparing food, it is crucial to maintain hygiene in check. Disposable gloves enable you to work on multiple items simultaneously. Disposable gloves come in all shapes and sizes.

There are various alternatives available in the market such as sustainable and recyclable disposable paper gloves. Disposable gloves help prevent food contamination from dirt and germs.

15. Labels and stickers

Ensuring the right delivery of packages is highly dependent on correct labeling. Labels and stickers improve customer interaction along with proper communication within your company. Labels and stickers are available in standard size and design or they can be personalized as per your brand’s requirement.

Using proper labels is necessary to eliminate the mixing of products. The attractive and eye-catching design of labels and stickers helps in drawing the attention of potential customers. Customers that are on the fence can be lured in to buy your products with a memorable label and sticker design.

16. Sanitizing wipes

Sanitizing wipes eliminates the hassle of using a sanitizing liquid and a cloth to wipe your workplace clean. Sanitizing wipes rule out the risk of food contamination due to spraying sanitizers and reusing the same cloth for wiping. Sanitizing wipes are sustainable and disposable.

They can be used to keep germs and dirt at bay. Sanitizing wipes can be used to sanitize your packaging, hands – post and pre-packaging. You can include them in your package as a complimentary item. This helps increase your brand visibility by giving your customers something to look forward to.

17. Aluminum foil

As the name suggests, aluminum foil is a metal leaf used to keep food warm. It is extensively used in the commercial food industry and as a household essential packaging item.

Aluminum foil seals your food and protects it from physical deforming as well. Aluminum foil can be used with paper trays to create brand awareness.

18. Bubble wrapping

Bubble wrapping is used to ensure no spillage when delivering beverages. It has been used extensively to transport cold beverages and ice creams. With the times changing, newer and eco-friendly bubble wrapping paper is available in the market that helps your food maintain appearance and temperature.

Bubble wrapping paper can exhibit your brand’s logo serving as an efficient marketing tool.

19. Insulated bags to keep food warm or cold

Insulated bags are a game-changer in the transportation of food over long distances. Delivery of cold beverages and ice cream has been made easier with insulated bags to regulate temperature. Using dry ice when packaging cold food in insulated bags can keep your product intact for a longer period.

Standard insulated bags are available in the market in various shapes and sizes and can be used as-is. Insulated bags are reusable making them optimum for food delivery purposes.

20. Ice gel packs

Ice gel packs are used in place of dry ice in insulated bags. Ice gel packs don’t need insulation and can be used as it is with a paper bag as well. Ice gel packs are used to transport ice-creams and other cold beverages.

Ice-creams need to maintain their appearance along with their flavor, this is where an ice gel pack plays an integral role. The ice gel pack is reusable and can be customized as per your brand requirement.

21. Wax paper

An alternative to aluminum foil, wax paper is also a household essential item that keeps food warm. Unlike aluminum foil, wax paper reduces the package’s humidity which is responsible for making your food soggy. Wax paper keeps food crunchy and appetizing.

It can be used to generate brand awareness by getting your brand’s logo printed on it. It is used to wrap finger foods such as sandwiches and bread to maintain their texture and appearance. Wax paper protects from oil leakage and spillage as well.

22. Cling film

One of the most hygienic ways when carrying eatables for a longer distance is cling film. It protects food from germs and dirt enabling you to take breaks while eating food. Cling film can be customized to your preferred color along with a brand logo print.

Cling film sticks to your food providing insulation and damage done due to exposure to air. It keeps food hygienic and is optimum to use when hitting the road.

23. Tapes

Tapes are an essential packaging item that acts as the glue to your packaging castle. Paper tapes have replaced plastic tapes due to their eco-friendly nature. There are various types of tapes available in the market based on the industry it is to be used in.

The catering industry uses food-friendly tapes that maintain its grip when carrying hot food. These food-friendly tapes are free of hazardous emissions and are a healthy alternative due to the strength and grip they provide. They can be customized with your brand logo to increase brand visibility.


The key packaging items listed above make your take-out and delivery dreams come true. Hassle-free transport without spillage issues is made easier with biodegradable options that soothe your conscience by being environment-friendly.

These 23 packaging items are crucial when catering or delivering all types of food. Gone are the days when packaging was overlooked, now it is used as a means of generating brand awareness and as a marketing tool.

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