Printed paper bags, apart from their primary use as packaging, make for great marketing tools because of the easily printable material they are made of and the fact that customers will carry them around over long distances, exposing whatever is printed on them to many people. However, unless you have a well-established brand already, making the most out of your custom printed paper bags will not be as easy as slapping a logo and calling it a day. There’s a multitude of customizations you can choose from that can help you craft an ideal image for your brand. In this blog, we’ll show you different ways you can make your promotional bags stand out and attract a larger audience for your business.

Tips for an Eye Catching Paper Design

It is much easier to customize paper bags compared to plastic and other contemporary packaging materials used commercially. In order to make yours distinguishable from other printed brown paper bags in public spaces is to add supplementary designs to it that go beyond the basic printed designs.

Printed Tissue Paper

Providing tissue paper on the dining table or take-out bag is commonplace for all types of restaurants whether it be fast food or fine dining. Alongside utensils and cutlery, people interact with tissue paper the most, so settling with a dull blank tissue paper is a big waste of potential. As silly as it sounds, custom-printed tissue papers contribute to giving a restaurant a more sophisticated atmosphere whereas, for take-out food, they are clear indicators of where the food came from.

Printed Ribbon

Some printed paper gift bags can also come with ribbons which are usually made of cotton or silk. Though they already look fancy in their own right, there’s always an option to add a special printed pattern on them just to make the paper bags look more premium and iconic. You don’t have to put this design on every bag, by the way, it’s much better to save them for promos and special events.

Logo design

If you don’t already have one, it’s better to hire a professional graphic designer to create a logo for you than do it yourself. There’s a lot of thought that goes into logo designs, even the ones that look very simple. The best printed bags with logos are usually those that are unique and can be recognized with a single glance without looking too overwhelming. Ideally, your logo should be placed where it can be easily seen so that it becomes ingrained into your customer’s minds.


Handles are usually overlooked when it comes to paper bag designs, but they make a considerable difference when it comes to comfort. The more comfortable a paper bag is, the more likely your customer would want to keep carrying it. Coupled with a great paper bag design, it’s essentially free marketing for your brand!

Complementary packaging

When designing your printed paper bags, it is a good habit to always ask yourself whether it’s a good representation of your products or not. You wouldn’t want a paper bag that doesn’t really correspond to the product or your business because it would only confuse your leads. Choose a theme and stick to it. Be creative with your paper bag, but don’t overdesign it. Just like a logo, the best designs are usually the most straightforward. A good example is using a paper bag with windows for bread and pastry. You don’t need to design artwork for bread when the product can speak for itself.

Why use promotional paper bags as a marketing tool?

paper bag marketing tool

There are plenty of noteworthy benefits of paper bags that justify their popularity in the modern age. Here are three of the most important ones:

Environment Friendly

Paper bags are biodegradable, so they don’t cause much harm to the environment compared to single-use plastics when they end up in landfills. In about a month or two, the paper bag would have decomposed into the soil.


Unless they get soaked in water, paper bags are also quite durable, meaning they can be reused or recycled after they have accomplished their primary goal. It’s usually never a good idea to throw away a perfectly good paper gift bag.


Paper bags can store different kinds of stuff ranging from groceries to hardware supplies. As previously mentioned, there are also different ways to reuse them after they have served their initial purpose.

How Bagitan Packaging Can Help You With Printed Paper Bags

paper bags with logoBaguette paper bag

Bagitan Packaging is among the largest paper bag manufacturers in China as well as one of the well-known eco-friendly packaging suppliers around the world, and for years we have provided wholesale printed bags to different companies around the globe. We’ve gone above and beyond the services a typical paper bag manufacturer usually covers. We have in-house designers that can help implement all your ideas for a paper bag into a practical design.


Is there a demand for paper bags?

The effects of climate change and global warming have become increasingly more evident in recent years and people have become more concerned about their carbon footprint as a result. Paper bags are touted as the environmental-friendly replacement for plastic bags, which have become notorious for the waste they produce. As such, more companies are switching to paper bags, driving the demand for them.

Can you print it on paper bags?

The material used for making paper bags is no different than the paper we write and print documents on. That means you can print designs on them quite easily, and notably cheaper in some cases compared to plastic or glossy cardboard.

What is the cost of 1 paper bag?

A single paper bag can cost a nickel in the US. Prices vary in different parts of the globe depending on sanctions and regulations some countries have in place for them as well as production costs due to the local supply of the materials used to make them.

How do I start a small paper bag business?

Paper bag suppliers usually start by selling wholesale paper bags to other nearby businesses. Supply can be obtained from paper bag manufacturers like Bagitan which are cheap enough to be profitable when they are sold to other businesses.

How much does it cost to print on paper bags?

The cost of designing and printing paper bags depends on the manufacturers and the complexity of the design. It is usually no more than a few cents more for each individual bag or bulk. Printed white paper bags are usually more expensive than brown paper bags because of the additional ingredients needed to produce that white pigment.

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