The Covid-19 pandemic has brought changes to different sectors. For example, the food and beverage industry had to find a way to keep businesses going despite the lockdowns and mobility restrictions. One of the solutions they found was to offer facilities and mechanisms for increased online and takeaway orders.

Now that situations are getting better, these capabilities are here to stay. Moreover, this also means that food and beverage companies have to give more attention to the importance of takeaway packaging.

Companies have to take into account the new demand for safer packaging. Consumers’ concern over surface contamination is presently more evident. Additionally, the containers must preserve and protect the food and beverage during transport. Therefore, takeaway businesses have to find a way to deliver fresh, secure, and convenient orders.

Companies can increase their exposure, brand awareness, and recognition with the right packaging style and print that best represents the brand. With the present significance of takeaway products, this packaging benefit is even pronounced.

Here are some packaging ideas takeaway businesses can use to support their brand positioning.

Smart Packaging

Technology-enabled packaging solutions have the ability to provide customers with security and convenience. These packaging has embedded NFC chips, QR codes, or smart labels that buyers can use to get more information. For example, it can measure the product’s temperature, pH level, and quality. With these details, purchasers know that their orders are fresh and safe to consume.

Portable Packaging

Packaging is best known for their portability. However, fast foods are developing more ways to make food containers more convenient to carry around. An example of this is McDonald’s McBike package. It is a foldable case that cyclists can hook on their handlebars. These more portable food and beverage holders are perfect for people with on-the-go lifestyles.

Innovative Pizza Packaging

Various pizza packages now offer customers a more hygienic way to handle their food. A portioned flatbed packaging holds one slice of pizza. As the buyer pulls the piece out, its design prevents their fingers from directly touching the food. Other innovative pizza packages are pipe-embedded pizza and slice paper plates.

Multi-functional Coffee Packaging

Another inventive packaging is multi-functional coffee packaging. This comes in the form of a paper cup that can hold a single serving of coffee. Once emptied, the consumer can turn it inside out and reshape it into a finger-shaped sleeve. With this functionality, people can reuse it to stir their next cup of coffee, thereby minimizing waste and pollution.

Aerated Sandwich Boxes

Putting hot bread inside a closed container usually causes the food to moisten and become soggy. Aerated sandwich boxes feature a few holes that allow hot and cool air to pass through. This packaging solves soggy sandwich problems and keeps them crisp and toasty for about 30 minutes.

Wax paper bags on the other hand, are perfect for packaging hot food like fried chicken, fish, french fries and so on. The grease-resistant quality of the wax paper prevents the oil from seeping through and keeps the food fresh and crispy.

So, if you are in the business of selling take-out food, it is essential to invest in good quality wax paper bags and aerated sandwich boxes. You can find these products at any good packaging store.

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