Do you own or operate a restaurant, food retail store, or other business that sells meals? If so, you know the importance of choosing suitable packaging for your products. There are many different options on the market when it comes to food packaging, but if you’re looking for something that is both affordable and stylish, kraft paper bowls are a great choice.

Kraft paper bowls are disposable containers that you can use at home and in commercial settings made from 100% recyclable materials, so throwing them away isn’t going to hurt the environment either.

Many people prefer kraft paper bowls because they look better than plastic or styrofoam containers.

This blog post will introduce you to kraft paper bowls and explain why they make such an excellent choice for businesses like yours. We will also provide tips on choosing the right bowl size and type for your needs. So, read on to learn more about kraft paper bowls and discover why they are such an investment for your business.


paper bowls of different sizes

​Kraft paper bowls are pre-formed, disposable food containers that businesses use for various purposes manufactured from recycled materials and are affordable.

Many customers appreciate kraft paper bowls because they have the shape and structure of a traditional ceramic bowl. You can put salads, soups, nachos, and other meals in it and seal it with a lid.


Kraft paper bowls are made of 100% recyclable materials, which means you can dispose of them without guilt. They also happen to be an excellent choice for people concerned about the environment because they won’t negatively impact their everyday lives or when they recycle them.

Kraft paper bowls are usually made from food-grade high-quality paperboard coated with bioplastic derived from plants and carry a similar appearance to brown kraft paper bags.

In general, kraft paper bowl manufacturers use traditional cellulose technology when making these containers, and it ensures that each bowl will have good shape integrity while still being strong enough to handle the contents of your meals.


The shape of kraft paper bowls varies widely. These containers are typically manufactured in either a round or square shape, but they can also be made into other more exotic designs. You can find bowls that closely resemble the classic shape of bowls and others with slightly more curvature.

Some manufacturers use cellulose technology to make these bowls cylindrical, while others rely on molding or forming techniques to produce their diverse styles.

Waterproof and Greaseproof

Kraft paper bowls are often waterproof and grease-resistant, making them a great choice for serving hot meals at your restaurant or shop or as a take-away food packaging. The material is porous enough to let steam escape from food but strong enough to keep liquids inside the bowl. It means you can serve up most types of foods in these containers without worrying about having a mess on the customers’ hands.

Kraft paper bowls have PE coating on the paper surface, which prevent the liquid from leaking, mainly if the meals include sauces and soups.

Microwaveable and Heat-Resistant

Kraft paper bowls are microwaveable, making them a popular choice for people looking for an easy way to heat meals at home. To use these containers in the microwave, remove your food from its original packaging and place it inside the bowl. The bowl can then be used as a makeshift plate or eating utensil.

Kraft paper bowls are heat resistant due to the materials used in their production. Manufacturers often create these containers by combining wood pulp and recycled plastics, ensuring that they’re strong enough to handle hot foods up to 120C.


Kraft paper bowls come in a variety of designs. The majority of these containers have lids or covers placed on top. The most frequent type of kraft paper bowl has a lid. These bowls are frequently molded with an indention to fit the cover, which helps to retain heat and keep food fresh during storage or shipping.

Most kraft paper bowls also fit the plastic covers to create an airtight seal when stored away from food items. Some manufacturers use cellulose technology to make these containers, so their dimensions will vary depending on their style and design.

Customize Printing

You can decorate kraft paper bowls with designs and logos to give your packaging a touch of flare. Some restaurants use these containers for advertising their brand or menu items in front of customers, which may aid in promoting any special offers or new products. Kraft paper bowls are frequently used in the industry as moveable packaging for various foods and snacks.

Kraft paper bowl producers provide a variety of printing processes on their products’ surfaces. Spot printing, screen printing, and pad printing are just a few examples. The majority of personalized kraft paper bowls are constructed from recycled materials that are good for the environment.


The impact of Kraft paper bowls on the environment is usually beneficial. This product category must meet specific requirements about biodegradability to be certified as compostable by various certifying agents such as BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) in the United States.

If these criteria are met, they play a positive role for the environment because they allow organic waste to be composted quickly rather than languishing in landfills where it produces methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The production of kraft paper bowls requires less energy than plastic or foam disposables. Manufacturing reusable dishes with recycled paper requires even less power.

Benefits of Buying Paper Bowls From Us

paper bowls - Bagitan Packaging

Bagitan” is our registered trade name, and it’s derived from the term “bag“. Since 2008, Bagitan Packaging has specialized in paper bags, food packaging, and foil wrapping. Our main clients are brand owners, wholesalers, and distributors worldwide.

If you buy paper bowls from us, here are the benefits you get:

  • High-quality packaging — we use high-quality raw materials to manufacture the products, making them eco-friendly and durable for a longer time. Our prices are very competitive because we also export our products to overseas countries like the USA, UK, Canada and more, straight from the factory, so there is no third party involvement in between which saves money for the customers and us.
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  • Ships anywhere — We ship packets for samples and even full shipping container load to any location worldwide. Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America, South America, and Europe are global distribution coverage.

What Are You Waiting For?

It is not always easy to find the proper packaging for your product, especially if you’re on a tight budget. We offer paper bowls that are affordable and customized with your company’s logo or design. They come in many shapes, including round, square, and triangular. They also have different materials like kraft paper and polypropylene, so you get exactly what suits your needs best! Our waterproof and greaseproof materials keep food fresh, while our lids help prevent spills from happening during transport. The versatility of these products means we can customize them any way you want – send us a message at Bagitan Packaging today!

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