As plastic packaging slowly starts to phase out of the global market – either due to government regulations at the local or international level or just public disinterest – it is now more important than ever for business owners to familiarize themselves with the perks of using colorful paper bags. They do the job just as well as their synthetic polymer counterpart, only much friendlier to the environment and its inhabitants. Likewise, business owners who value a clean and sustainable world can rest easy knowing their packaging system will not end up contributing to stronger floods or waste landfills.

We at Bagitan Packaging firmly believe in a future without waste. And as a leading paper bags wholesale business and largest paper bag manufacturer in China, we have plenty of good reasons to justify why we think paper bags are a vital component of that vision. 

1. 100% Renewable

The most valuable perk of paper bags is that they are made with biodegradable materials, meaning they won’t spend the next decade clogging up sewer lines or choking a fish somewhere in the ocean once they are disposed of. It takes roughly a month or two for paper bags to decompose, probably less if you factor in exposure to liquids or the next-door neighbor’s cat to hasten the destruction process. But don’t let that give you the idea that paper bags are structurally weaker, though. Well-manufactured paper bags have been known to withstand weight and pressure exceeding the capabilities of plastic bags, making them perfect for carrying a vast variety of uses such as carrying hardware tools, designer clothes, or packaging for food products. Paper bags here in Bagitan Packaging are also made with trees we harvested from sustainably maintained forests, meaning the bulk paper bags you ordered did not come with the weight of deforestation.

2. Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Plastic bags not only poses potential harm to ocean life but to you and your loved ones as well. There are many unfortunate cases of children accidentally suffocating because of plastic bags, and the burning of plastic bags in waste disposals also contributes to air pollution by spreading toxic substances in the atmosphere. On the other hand, you can easily tear apart a paper bag with some good elbow grease, and they pose no greater contribution to air pollution than leaves and other plant material. TO know more here are the pros and cons of plastic bags.

3. Versatility in Use

There is a vast array of possibilities when working with paper bags. For example, alongside our business with kraft paper bags wholesale, Bangitan Packaging is also an air sickness bag manufacturer. That is because paper bags can be designed with specific customizations to make sure they can fulfill several different uses or maybe even stand out amongst the mall traffic. You can have just ordinary paper bags with handles, but why not step it up with logos to unique bag shapes to make sure your product is easily recognizable even when confined in their temporary paper packaging homes.

Here is the brown paper bag size chart to check out to find the best paper bag for your products.

4. Reusable and Recyclable

Reusable and Recyclable

High-quality paper bags manufactured by industry leaders like Bagitan Packaging are guaranteed to last more than just one or two uses. Baguette bread paper bags are also available for bakery and pastry shops to use. As long as they have not experienced extensive damage, just fold them up and store them in a dry location later. Of course, this does not mean their use by then is just limited to packaging. The materials these paper bags are made of work just as well as the paper you can buy in your local store, and not only could they save you some spare change and a trip outside, but it also helps the environment! Otherwise, pop it into a recycling bin; both works.

Interested? Good!

The potential uses of paper bags are long and extensive, and their benefits in detail are just as much. As manufacturing technology continues to advance, paper bags only get produced more efficiently, more durable, and to some extent, more stylish as well. With global warming and climate change already making rounds all around the world, we must take all the steps that we can to make sure the precious blue and green rock we call our home last for future generations. 

We want you to know Bagitan Packaging is not just a brown paper bags wholesale and manufacturer but also a company committed to achieving the goal of sustainable development and providing our service the best we can. We’ve worked with giants in different industries before, and we can attest that our top-of-the-line products have been met with nothing but praise. When you look up “where can I buy wholesale paper gift bags” or where to buy kraft paper bags wholesale, we want our company to be given the opportunity to show you just how great paper bags can be.

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