Packaging in itself is a form of marketing tool for the organization. The packaging color, quality, wrapper, and other characteristics are a selling proposition that conveys how one’s brand is superior to its competitors. It can be an instrument in product differentiation that demonstrates its distinctive value.

Packaging can stimulate an individual’s buying impulse. Planning for product packaging entails intricate detail analysis as every element is important in maintaining brand consistency and attracting the target market.

More than the basic aspects like shades and shape, modern business owners now also have to consider more factors. Packaging producer, country of origin, and innovation are also attributes of product wrappings because of changing consumer behaviors. Understanding these components is critical to developing the ideal packaging for the brand and the environmentally friendly products.

Here are how some factors affect consumer behavior and help companies plan their packaging.

How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior

Packaging Color

Humans respond to colors from both the psychological and personal levels. For many years, marketers have used colors to catch consumer attention and influence their buying moods. Color influences a buyer’s subconscious when making a purchase decision.

For example, vivid color paper shopping bags generally elicit happy thoughts and feelings. So if this is what your brand represents, using colors like orange, pink, bright green, and purple would be ideal. Marketers also associate red and yellow to depict urgency and optimism. Brands can use color combinations to tell a story just from the packaging.

However, deciding on this element entails considering culture, and demographics. For example, preferred colors vary in the West and the East countries. It also varies across industries. Companies producing sugary products generally go away from yellow and green packaging colors because it usually represents sour tastes. Instead, they usually opt for red, as many shoppers associate this with sweetness.

Packaging Material

The material used can affect the quality of the packaging, and quality packaging has a substantial impact on consumer behavior. Buyers often look at the packaging to gauge the quality of the product. In contrast to wrappings made from cheap components, packaging from premium quality material is more attractive and elevates the caliber of the product.

Cheap materials can also lead to a quick deterioration of your product packaging. If your merchandise has a long shelf life, packaging should also be durable to last for an extended period. Additionally, suppose your items need to be shipped; the wrappings also need to withstand unfavorable conditions while in transit to protect the product and remain in its crisp shape at the hands of the buyers.

No one wants to purchase from a shop with packaging that makes their items look like a bargain or imitation. Although investing in quality wrappings may cost more, it would generate a positive ROI in the form of higher customer acquisition.


When similar products are displayed side by side in a store, the packaging design will be the thing that makes a dominant brand stand out from the others. A good design equates to quality packaging and eventually to a superior product. When the potential customers cannot test or try the product before purchasing, its packaging becomes a key decision-making factor that will represent the value of the article inside.

The design you choose will also have to fit the product and the story you want to deliver. It has to portray the brand image and position the product as the optimal choice in the consumers’ minds with different handles of their choice like those paper bags with rope handles.

Companies try their best to create catchy designs, especially if their target demographic is youth aged ten to 18 years old. Using images is also common across various sectors as pictures are usually the first things humans notice at first glance.

The packaging design should be unique and honest. You want to grab the attention of even a passing shopper. However, it should not make false impressions of what your product is not.


Consumers generally tend to prefer brands that believe and practice the principles and movements they believe in. So companies that innovate to deliver these things acquire the trust and preference of customers valuing the changes and goals they aim to achieve.

Portion control, tamper-proofing, recyclability, easy-carry, non-breakability, and childproofing innovations are some of the new product packaging trends.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic also sparked shifts in the packaging industry. An example of this is grab-and-go or smart packaging. This container can hold almost anything from medicine to clothes and food. It is equipped with a sensor technology that can display information about the items and even monitor the freshness of edible items.

More companies are also using self-heating containers for food and beverage products. It uses a hot pot that is activated when the customer adds water. Typical companies that use this practice are instant soup, noodles, and pasta businesses. It is a genius innovation because it attracts consumers who prefer their food warm, fresh, and safely prepared anywhere and anytime.

Another very significant practice around the world today is the use of sustainable packaging. Companies carry this out by using biodegradable, reusable, or zero-waste packaging. McKinsey & Co. revealed that 66% of consumers consider sustainability in their purchasing decisions. This study showed how many customers would align themselves with brands with a positive environmental impact.

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