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How are Paper Bags Made? (Infographic)

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How paper bags are made

Centuries before, using sacks made of jute, burlap, and jute were the primary methods of holding goods. Although they are sturdy, they are also time-consuming and expensive to produce back in the day. On the other hand, paper bags are portable and much more economical to process.

Kraft paper bags became popular in the 1800s when inventors developed the first technology to mass-produce them. Francis Wolle patented the first paper bag-making machine in 1852. In 1869, Wolle and his brother founded the Union Paper Bag Machine Company with a paper packaging plant that could create 1,000 feet of paper per minute.

Years later, Margaret Knight, a prolific inventor working for the Columbia Paper Bag Company, realized that Wolle’s envelope-like design or today’s pinch-bottom paper bag is not practical and efficient. So she created the square-bottomed packaging and built a machine that paved the way for the widespread commercialization of paper