Paper Bag Materials: Understanding the Different Types

Paper bags are a popular and eco-friendly choice for packaging products, and they are made from various paper bag materials. Understanding the different types of paper bag materials can help you choose the best one for your needs. In this article, we will explore the most common paper bag materials and their features.Kraft PaperKraft paper [...]

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Five Benefits of Using Direct Thermal Labels

If you're shipping packages on a regular basis, you probably know that the right label type can make a big difference in how your shipments are received. One of the most popular label types is direct thermal labels, which have several benefits over other choices. Direct thermal labels use an inkless printing process that's fast [...]

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Buy Eco-friendly Packaging from Bagitan Packaging Company

As we all know, there are different types of food packaging: metal cans, plastic packaging and cans, aluminum foil packaging, paper packaging and cans, and glass packaging. Many more types of food packaging can be found in the market today. Let's tell you a little about some kinds of food packaging and how they may [...]

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Paper Bags: Improve Your Customers’ Perception Of Your Business

You’re looking into the future and so are your customers. It’s becoming clearer that green-friendly businesses will have the advantage, and it’s important to position your business to reflect the growing awareness regarding the environment. With quality paper bags from Bagitan Packaging, you can improve the way your business is perceived by customers and potential [...]

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Paper Bags: Present Your Business as Environmentally-Conscious

The times are changing. It’s not only responsible and right to be environmentally-conscious, but it also makes good business sense. The public is becoming more environmentally-aware and more aware of how businesses need to be playing a bigger role in preserving the environment. With this in mind, switching from plastic bags to paper bags can [...]

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Save More on Eco-friendly Paper Bags with Bagitan Packaging

Your business goes through quite a lot of bags on a regular basis, and you’d like to see if you can save more on this essential input while also reducing the impact you’re having on the environment. We at Bagitan Packaging can help you. By buying directly from us, you can save immensely on bulk [...]

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Explore Our Selection of Top-quality and Low-priced Paper Bags

If your business utilizes any significant amount of paper bags or your business is thinking about switching from its plastic bag use, then you’ll discover the right-fitting paper bags offered at the best pricing here with us at Bagitan Packaging. We continue to be a reliable paper bags supplier that can ship out our paper [...]

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Say No to Plastic and Yes to Environmentally-friendly Paper Bags

The tides are turning on our ability and willingness to improve the environment. Your business can do its part as well by saying no to plastic bags and saying yes to paper bags. With paper bags from Bagitan Packaging, you’ll be receiving high quality, durable, environmentally-friendly bags that your customers can keep or recycle rather [...]

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The Leading Paper Bag Manufacturer For Top Quality Products

The train has left the station. Plastic is out and paper is in, and this trend will only grow over time. We at Bagitan Packaging are doing our part to support our customers and the environment by offering the highest quality paper bags in the industry. No matter the specifications, we’ll be sure to have [...]

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