As we all know, there are different types of food packaging: metal cans, plastic packaging and cans, aluminum foil packaging, paper packaging and cans, and glass packaging. Many more types of food packaging can be found in the market today. Let’s tell you a little about some kinds of food packaging and how they may affect you and the environment as a food buyer or food and drinks producing company.

Metal Food Packaging

Metal food packaging uses metals such as aluminum, tin plate, or steel are used food packaging. This kind of food packaging is used to store food and drinks like; carbonated drinks, fruit juice, sardines, beef, and many others. The main use of metal packaging is that it holds food for longer than any other packaging. Supports very easy transportation. It is hard, cannot be easily toppled over, and can hold its structure under high temperatures, unlike brown kraft paper bags. But they have very low points, and some examples of it are that the production of metals results in the release of a lot of carbon dioxide, which is not environmental-friendly. During the production of metal cans, many harmful chemicals are also released into the environment, which may negatively affect the soil. Cases of metal rusting cans may begin to react with food contents. And this can be very harmful to human health, causing sicknesses like cancer, stomach problems, etc.

Plastic Food Packaging

Plastic food packaging is the most popular kind of food packaging as plastic food cans can be seen everywhere, even in small retail stores. They can be handy, easy to carry around, easy to transport, and have very good designs that attract kids, making them marketable. But with so many plastic cans on the market, there will be so much plastic waste in the environment, giving people and businesses the thought of switching to more eco-friendly packaging. Thereby, it can make its way into the ground through wrong ways of waste disposal or flooding, making the soil less fertile for planting and producing these plastics. Also, releasing carbon and chemical particles into the air. Making plastic food cans and packaging is not good for our environment.


Glass Food Packaging

Glass food packaging is not so popular in the market because of how fragile it can be. But they are so good for rare packaging kinds of food and drinks like beer, whiskey, honey, and many others. Also, because what is made of glass, you need not be afraid of food contents reacting with the elements of the glass. They are very expensive and cannot be handled by everyone, especially kids. They release high carbon waste into the environment during production. They cannot be recycled or reused if they are contaminated with harmful materials, and if this contaminated glass may be littered around, glass packaging is not a good friend to the environment.

Fiber or Paper Food Packaging

Fiber or paper food packaging should be the easiest form of packaging. Paper food packaging is handy, too, though it cannot protect your food like other forms of packaging as they were originally made for short time storage of food. When it also comes down to being environment friendly, they are among the best among other forms of food packaging. The production of paper food packaging does not release a lot of toxic waste into the environment that might be very harmful to human health.

So in this article, we best advise that whenever you are going for groceries or shopping, and you want to buy so food take-away, you should go for one that is environment friendly. And the best option is fiber or paper food packaging. This option is not just for food buyers but also for food and drink producing companies. As a food and drinks producing company, you are not just to rely on one form of food packaging for your products. Especially if the process of making the cans your company uses is not environmentally friendly, using one kind of food and drink packaging that is not environment friendly as a company might be good for your company’s brand. Having different forms of food packaging is a wise decision to make as a company. Using paper food packaging promotes the company’s brand, and talking about promotions, the paper food packaging can also be designed to your company’s satisfaction, which can also help promote your brand as a company.

Many paper packaging companies can help you with their services as they are very easy to make and distribute. You need not worry about the cost of production either as they are very cheap, this also means saving cost for your company’s budget, which sounds like a very good idea.

  • Environment-friendly food packaging assists companies by improving how long natural resources can last and creating a positive impact on the environment.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint. The usage of environmentally friendly food packages which can be renewable makes the company reduces the exploration and extraction of natural resources. Also, this reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere since companies will serve customers with reusable food packages. Therefore, companies can purchase environmentally-friendly food packages from manufacturers and suppliers like Bagitan packaging.
  • Reduction of food waste. Environmental friendly food packages are advantageous not only because they are made of lightweight material which is almost completely degradable or renewable, but they are also designed in a way to help extend the shelf life of the food they are being packaged with, resulting in the reduction in decay hence, reduction in food wastage. Bagitan packaging designs their packages so that the shelf life of the food will be increased to minimize the waste of food.
  • Increase in sales. With time and much awareness, people have become friends with the environment. With the awareness of carbon footprints, customers have placed pressure on retailers to reduce plastic packaging and others that endangers the environment more, making environmentally friendly packages the main focus. Companies using environment-friendly food packages have seen the sale of products increase due to awareness. Bagitan packaging comes to mind as an environment friendly food packaging company and one of the best with outstanding innovations.

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