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Choose from Our Selection of Top-quality and Low-priced Paper Bags

If your business utilizes any significant amount of paper bags or your business is thinking about switching from its plastic bag use, then you’ll discover the right-fitting paper bags offered at the best pricing here with us at Bagitan Packaging. We continue to be a reliable paper bags supplier that [...]

Say No to Plastic and Yes to Environmentally-friendly Paper Bags

The tides are turning on our ability and willingness to improve the environment. Your business can do its part as well by saying no to plastic bags and saying yes to paper bags. With paper bags from Bagitan Packaging, you’ll be receiving high quality, durable, environmentally-friendly bags that your customers [...]

How to Find the Best Quality Paper Bags in China?

Do you need to source out the best paper bags for your business needs? With thousands of suppliers out there, it can be cumbersome to find the right one according to your requirements like size, type, and purpose. That said, China remains one of the world's top paper producers, [...]

Paper Bag Types & Sizes – Everything You Should Know About Paper Bag

Paper bags are indispensable in your customers’ daily interactions. Whether they buy groceries, food, or apparel, providing a paper bag is a sign of courtesy. Understanding the common types of paper bags, sizes, and functions may not be an interesting subject for a business owner. However, if you’re armed [...]

Airsickness Bag: 4 Benefits of Using It

Airsickness bag has been a constant companion of travelers, tucked in the seat pocket. And despite the developments in the airline industry — like before 1970, nobody checked luggage and smoking is allowed on board — this bag has been one of the most useful inventions since 1949. So, [...]

Paper Bags: 5 Benefits of Using Them

Looking for a packaging solution for your business? It may be time to consider using paper bags again. Paper has been used for centuries to wrap anything from everyday items to expensive gifts. But paper packaging lost favor among businesses and consumers with the invention of plastic. Now, it's [...]

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