21 Terminologies You Should Know About Paper Packaging Industry

The paper packaging industry uses unique terms and descriptions about measurements, products, syles, and more. These 21 must-know terms are essential to improve your communication with suppliers and manufacturers. 1. Paper basis weight Paper basis weight is the standard size measured in pounds per 500 sheets or per ream [...]

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23 Must-Have Packaging Items for Food Takeaway and Delivery

The evergreen foodservice industry has undergone an eco-friendly makeover. Non-polluting packaging has a pivotal role to play in reducing wastage while making environmentally sound choices. Let us go through 23 essential packaging items that have revolutionized the food takeaway and catering industry. These products bridge the gap between consumerism [...]

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Paper Bags vs. Plastic Bags: Pros and Cons of Them

People have different opinions about plastic bag and paper bag use. To enlighten your mind, we came up with the pros and cons so you can weigh in an objective view that will be beneficial to your company as you source out the best packaging for products. What are [...]

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Present Your Business as Environmentally-Conscious with Our Quality Paper Bags

The times are changing. It’s not only responsible and right to be environmentally-conscious, but it also makes good business sense. The public is becoming more environmentally-aware and more aware of how businesses need to be playing a bigger role in preserving the environment. With this in mind, switching from plastic [...]

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Buy Paper Bag Products from China: Some Useful Tips for You

Do you need to source out the best paper bags for your business needs? With thousands of suppliers out there, it can be cumbersome to find the right one according to your requirements like size, type, and purpose. That said, China remains one of the world's top paper producers, [...]

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