Paper bags are great alternatives to single-use plastic bags because they are easier to dispose of and take a lesser toll on the environment. They can be used for all kinds of products and are perfectly reusable if taken care of. As a business owner, using paper bags to package your products will also look great for your optics because of the recent global push for more eco-friendly business models. It is also a good opportunity to market your product to even more customers by strategically designing your paper bags to attract onlooker’s attention. This is done through the many customization options that are available to you when you order your wholesale kraft paper bags from the largest paper bag manufacturer in China.

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Custom Prints

paper bags with logo

The easiest and most widely used customization option for colorful paper bags are custom prints which can turn any wholesale-bought brown paper bag into something that is completely unique for your business. Most companies start (and sometimes end) with a logo. A good brand logo can set you apart from other businesses in a sea of corporate advertising. It must represent your company accurately and be visually unique enough so that your customers don’t confuse them for another brand. For this reason we highly recommend hiring a graphic designer that can help you create a good design. Additionally, you can use supplementary designs that can truly bring out the identity of your paper bags. Look at popular brands that use paper bag with logo to get an idea of what yours should be like.


paper bags

The handle of a paper bag also makes for a great avenue for customization that also serves a lot of practical use for your customer because it will be the part of the paper bag they will likely have contact with the most. You have a fairly good amount of options when it comes to the material your paper bag handle will be made of, ranging from simple die-cut handles to braided ribbons. When you choose one for your bulk paper bags, we highly recommend prioritizing practicality over style. No matter how good they look, your paper bag handles are useless if they snap right before your customer makes it to their car. Some products also have a matching paper bag handle that has become a staple in that industry over the years. Take bottled wine and rope handle paper bags, for example.

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Clear Windows

paper bag with window

Turning some parts of the paper bag into a clear bioplastic window is a perfect way to show off your products to your customers and onlookers while they are being carried around. Like those baguette bread bags. It is quite popular among packaging for food products because it shows the customer an accurate representation of the product you are selling them. This is even more important for the food industry, as people would often choose the product that is more aesthetically pleasing both in the packaging and the product itself. If you are selling goods like nuts, candy, bread, pastry, or coffee beans, we highly recommend getting your wholesale paper bags with windows. It is a sure-fire way to earn your customer’s trust while also leaving a lot of mouths watering.

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Paper Thickness and Extra Layers

paper bags with foil

GSM is a unit of measure that refers to the density of the paper bag in grams per square meter. When you order your paper bags, make sure that they are thick enough so that they don’t collapse due to the weight of your products. On the other end of the spectrum, you also don’t want to have your paper bags be too bulky either. Not only is it a waste of materials, you are also making them less comfortable to fold and carry if they don’t have a handle. You can also add extra layers to your paper bags like foil to further expand their use case.

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How Do You Customize Your Paper Bags?

Here at Bagitan Packaging, we allow all our clients to customize their paper bags as they please, no matter the amount they will be purchasing. We’ll help you get started right away by connecting you with one of our talented designers who will come up with a feasible paper bag design based on your ideas. You also have access to a repository of time-tested design templates that you can start with to truly bring out the shine of your brand. Just give us a call and we’ll handle the rest.

Final Thoughts

With a strategically designed custom paper bag, your brand will certainly stand out from the crowd and generate leads out of curiosity alone. We highly urge you to take this opportunity to reach out to even more people for essentially no extra marketing charge. It’s highly likely that the leaders of your industry are already doing it, so why stay behind the curve?

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