The food industry is a rapidly growing industry. The competition is undeniably tight, so companies have to find ways to stand out among others. One of the aspects that brands can leverage is unique product packaging.

The ideal packaging design will help position the product in the mind of consumers in a positive and memorable way. This is especially true if the item wrapping is unique and original. It draws attention, sparks curiosity, and gets people to talk about the brand.

Here are some unique food product packaging ideas to elevate the brand’s visibility.

7 Unique Food Packaging Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Paper Packaging for Instant Noodles

Instant noodles packaging has been known for its harmful polystyrene and plastic materials. Billions of these products are sold every year, which also means an equal number of these toxic packages go to waste. Fortunately, the movement towards more sustainable packaging is growing more every year, giving green alternatives to food wrappings.

There are now various paper packaging designs in the market today for instant noodle products. An example of this is the Paper Noodle by Love Tree Project, which is made from 100% paper pulp. It is biodegradable, microwave-safe, recyclable, and FDA-tested food safe.

Butter Packaging With Wooden Spoon Lid

Single-served butter is useful because they are portable, convenient, and ideal for travel, takeaways, picnics, and solo meals. Innovative packaging for single-serve butter is developed by Yeongkeun Jeong, making them more convenient to use anytime and anywhere.

Its lid is made from wood and shaped so it can be used as a butter spoon. Its goal is to spread the condiment without the need for additional cutlery. The ergonomic design allows for neat scooping and spreading of butter. This packaging idea can also be used for yogurts and ice creams.

Sushi To-Go Box With Chopsticks Handle

Takeaway packaging has taken various forms throughout the years. One innovative design is the Sushi Go-To Box by Ashley Berkett. It is made of folded paperboard that, when assembled and closed, can be inserted with a chopstick and serve as a handle. This is ideal for sushi bars and Chinese, Thai, Korean, or Japanese restaurants.

Foil packaging products are a type of container that can hold both hot and cold foods. Its material gives it durability, so it can hold even heavy, sauce-soaked, or fried foods. These are also microwavable, so leftovers can be reheated from inside the box. And because it is made of paper, it is sustainable and reduces negative ecological impact.

Geometric Paper Packaging for Chips

Various designers now also explore multi-dimensional packaging concepts for dry snacks like chips. An example of this is product-differentiating packaging for Doritos.

The idea is based on the iconic triangular shape and texture of the snack itself. The geometric paperboard container features a foil-based lining that keeps the chips crisp and fresh for a long time. But the key characteristic of it is how it can be reshaped so that consumers can reclose the packaging.

The package itself has printed graphics that show people how to tuck and close the product. This allows consumers to open and close the product and snack on them throughout the day without sogging. These types of unique food wrappings are very attractive to young and even adult demographics.

Paper Bag With Waste Receptacle

Food product containers should be not only visually appealing but also functional. Companies can design their packaging so that it can help customers solve some inconveniences they have while consuming the goods. An example of this is the paper bag with a waste receptacle.

The concept of this paper bag is so buyers can separate their waste from the food itself. Say the company is selling peanuts. The packaging allows customers to keep fresh peanuts on one side while the shells on another. It also prevents littering and mess as it holds the scraps in one place.

Bagless Food Takeout Packaging

One of the issues when it comes to restaurant takeout packaging is that it often produces so much waste. Suppose the order is for more than one person. The packaging would include the container for the food itself and the carrier for holding these individual containers together. Sometimes, this happens even with a single-person order.

The bagless food takeout packaging idea aims to solve this problem by eliminating the need for a plastic bag or additional wrapping. It is made up of paperboard and has dividers inside to separate the dishes. It also comes with special paper that can be placed atop the dividers. This acts as extra insulation to keep the food warm and fresh and gives space for utensils and condiments. The packaging design includes a hook and carrying strings that can be set up to hold two or more entrees together for multiple orders.

Paper Tea Flask

This packaging idea is ideal for holding hot coffee, tea, soup, and other liquid beverages from cafes and restaurants. Food and beverage establishments can use this for delivery or takeaway orders. It is ideal for customers who cannot immediately consume their drinks.

The design includes an outer corrugated carton and an inner aluminum pouch. Its inner material is BPA-free, so it is safe for edibles while keeping the beverage hot and fresh for a long time. Some designs even feature five layers of insulation to the liquid at its best quality. Its shape also makes it easy to carry around without burning the customer’s fingers.

Bagitan Packaging – Your Source for Sustainable Packaging

Product packaging is an essential component of marketing. It has to embody the brand values and be aesthetically appealing to capture consumers’ attention. Food companies, most especially, have to invest in their packaging to stand out amongst their many competitors. Having unique and sustainable packaging is one way to achieve that. The right packaging source will offer you customization, economy, and quality to help you achieve your goals.

Bagitan Packaging manufactures professional paper bags, food packaging, and foil packaging for wholesale (paper bags with foil inside), retail, and redistribution. Our customizable packaging is durable, hygienic, and suitable for any type of product. It is sourced from 100% recyclable materials, making it suitable for brands that endeavor to deliver sustainable packaging to their customers.

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