With single-use plastic bags quickly losing favor among the general public, a lot of businesses have already made the switch to paper bags. People are becoming increasingly concerned with their ecological footprints and it reflects in their spending habits. Though they may be far from the biggest pollutants present in the environment right now, plastics have earned a rather unpleasant reputation. There are facilities that can recycle plastic waste, but the unfortunate reality is that less than 15% of all the plastic waste we generate is actually recycled. Most of them still end up in landfills, clogging our waterways, and polluting the ocean. So is paper better than plastic?

Paper bags, on the other hand, are biodegradable, which means we don’t have to worry about where they end up once we’re done using them. We all know that eventually, the paper bags we throw away are destroyed by the elements of nature and returned to the earth. But is that truly the only thing that makes paper bags superior to plastic bags? Of course not! Here are four major reasons why paper bags are far more than just environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic bags.

Aesthetic Appeal

Imagine two freshly-baked pastries, one in a baguette bread paper bag with windows, and the other in a plastic one. Which one would you consider to look more appetizing? According to various marketing studies, most people prefer the former, and we are guessing you do too. We’re not entirely sure why that is, but the fact of the matter is that when it comes to packaging for food products like groceries and take-out food, there is a clear bias towards paper bags. It’s not exclusive to that industry either. Clothing and fashion brands have also taken to using colorful paper bags as well because it apparently makes their products look classy and luxurious.


The common argument against paper bags is they are less durable than plastic bags, but this is only partially true. Depending on the thickness of the paper, and the presence of additional layers like foil, a paper bag can actually surpass the capabilities of plastic bags. The way these packages are designed also contributes to their overall functionality. There are different types of bag handles, for example, can carry more items than a plastic bag of the same size which makes wholesale brown paper bags the more economic option from a business standpoint. There is no need to double-bag when using thick paper bags because they are structurally designed to carry heavier loads with wider bottom surface areas.


Not only are there a lot of ways to customize wholesale-bought paper bags, but it is also cheaper to do so as well. The simple reason for this is that it is just much easier to print on paper than on plastic. The surfaces of paper bags make for great canvases for effective branding. A modest placement of your business trademark can go a long way in improving your brand awareness. You can also use paper bags with windows if you want your product to do the marketing for you. If you design your bag to be both strong and good-looking, chances are your customers are going to reuse them. Take advantage of this by putting some strategic brand placement and your bags will essentially become free passive advertising. Here’s a brown paper bag size chart to look at.

To Make a Statement

Choosing to switch to paper bags is a clear unspoken statement to your customers that you care about the environment as much as they do, and you are willing to make significant changes to your company in the pursuit of sustainability. This appeal to many younger folks out there and it’s not like you would be lying either. As long as you are purchasing your bulk paper bags from an ethical supplier, like the largest paper bag manufacturer in China, you can reduce the negative externalities of your business operation to the environment. There are plenty of companies that go above and beyond to uphold sustainability goals, and they are the best people you can partner with.


In many different ways, we guarantee that the switch to paper bags will be beneficial to your business. It can significantly improve your company’s image, and the customizations you can make to your paper bags can truly help stand out. But most importantly, you are also helping the environment at a time when the effects of climate change are starting to get worse. You won’t regret making this decision.

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