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Bagitan Packaging utilizes advanced machines to produce high-quality paper bags, food packagings, wax paper, and other packaging products at its modern factory in China. And we can ship the products around the world.

We pride ourselves as the go-to paper bag manufacturer and wholesale supplier, offering the best paper bags made in China ready to be shipped worldwide. We use the latest technology available and two decades of experience in the paper packaging business to ensure our customers get the products best suited for their business. From plain brown paper bags to decorative brown paper gift bags, Bagitan Packaging is a leading contender in China you can put your trust in.

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About Us

At Bagitan Packaging, we provide a complete printing & manufacturing service to fullfill all your packaging needs.

“Bagitan” is our registered trademark. It comes from the word “bag”. Bagitan Packaging is a professional paper packaging manufacturer in China, specializing in paper bags, food packaging, and medical packaging. Our target customers are brand owners, wholesalers, and distributors across the globe.

Bagitan Packaging has been in operation since 2008, serving over 1,000 customers throughout the world. We’ve worked with so many different businesses of all sizes and types, we’re uniquely positioned to provide quality advice across a broad range of industries ranging from hotel chains to neighborhood bakeries. With a full supply chain and our company-owned manufacturing facilities, we’re able to produce customized packaging products to customers worldwide.

Enhance your brand and increase awareness with custom designs and branding. We help your brands thrive in a crowded marketplace through eco-friendly packaging that gets noticed and sells more products.

Bagitan Packaging has over 15 years of experience making paper bags. We know how to select the right materials, structures, measurements for your paper packaging needs.  And we can provide free professional design assistance, alignments, and quality checks at every step.

Price and quality mean a lot in your business. We understand that and we can help you cut the cost and increase the profit margin with our quality paper packaging and competitive price.

100% recyclable and 100% reusable, a win-win for everyone. Our vision is a world without waste.

Our Paper Packaging Products Range

Our packaging products are available in all materials, designs & functions, and our packaging solutions are convenient, of high quality and come with attractive printing to enhance your brand’s identity.

Paper bags

Paper Bags

A wide range of paper bags for a variety of applications: shopping, gift, catering, retail, grocery.

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Food packagings

Food Packaging

 A variety of food packaging that is durable, hygienic, and eco-friendly for food businesses worldwide.

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Wax paper sheets

Wax Paper

Wax paper for grease use in restaurants, bakery, and life on the go.

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Paper Bags Frequently Asked Questions

Paper bag manufacturers like Bagitan Packaging offer standard brown paper bags for as low as $0.10 and bags with additional features for up to $0.35. This disparity in pricing stems from the need for extra materials and steps needed in the production process. They are usually sold at whole price when directly purchased from manufacturers but may be sold for retail in some stores. This price does not cover shipping costs.

Unfortunately, paper bags are slightly more expensive (by a few cents) than plastic bags because they take significantly more energy to produce. Paper bag manufacturers try to cut costs in several areas to make them more affordable, but it may lead to a decrease in durability and the general appearance of the bags. This should not be a deal-breaker, however, since the benefits of paper bags greatly outweigh their additional costs.

The main material for paper bags is wood, so mass-producing thousands of paper bags requires a sizable number of cut trees. Deforestation is certainly a negative externality, but the environmental damage caused by paper bag manufacturing can be mitigated by some manufacturers getting their materials from sustainable forestry instead. They are not as harmful when disposed of compared to plastic and can be used for compost. Attention is required for bags with additional features like foil layers or paper bags with handles.

Industries We Serve

We serve many industries that use paper bags products, including coffee shops, restaurants, cosmetics & perfumes, boutiques, garments, furniture stores, jewelers, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, spas, and many others.

Garment & Retail
Food delivery

All-in-one Service

Fully Customized Packaging Solutions At Your Command

Thinking about printing your logo on your packaging or customizing a new one from scratch? No problem, we can help you with that! Our mission is to provide one-stop flexible packaging products and solutions no matter what industries you are in. We can respond quickly to all kinds of customized needs, from materials to printing. We will help translate your packaging idea from design to reality and manufacture it in a cost-effective way. No matter what material, designs, or sizes you want, we will help you make it happen.

  • Free design service and free mockup.
  • OEM & ODM available, customized on demand.

  • Order from the factory and save your costs.

  • Great support and quick turnaround.

Quality Control

We Stand Behind Every One of Our Paper Bag Products

Quality is our first concern in production. High quality products come from high quality materials and advanced facilities. We select kraft paper materials from reliable suppliers who are certified by FSC, SGS, and FDA. We guarantee that our materials are non-toxic, degradable and recyclable, and eco-friendly to our planet. We invest in state of the art technology and cost-efficient manufacturing processes to produce a wide range of top-quality packaging products.

Always, our ultimate goal is to achieve zero failures during our collaboration. When we receive your order, we will immediately assign an experienced, professional project manager who will make sure your order is completed correctly and on time, provide continuous progress reports, and will be available if you have any questions or concerns.

How to Work with Us?

Industry-leading Paper Packaging Solutions That Grow Your Business

Paper packaging wholesale can be easy, safe, and profitable. Let Bagitan Packaging help build your brand and grow your profits.

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